A Clockwork Yellow


A Clockwork Yellow is the first release by The Guy in the Yellow Suit, Christopher Lyle. Clockwork features 20 eclectic designs including many variations to entertain the masses.

In total, over 5 hours of instruction, including designs from guest artists Matt Falloon and Lindsey “Pookie” Foster. These designs range from super easy to advanced. Everything from simple twists to heart and geo distortion and everything in between.

A Clockwork Yellow features fast designs for line work, more intricate designs for restaurants and birthday parties, and show pieces for when you really want to showcase your “pimp-ninja-jedi skillz!”

Artist: Christopher Lyle


The designs taught in A Clockwork Yellow are:

Volume 1

Ninja Hotdog
The Creeper
Baby Octopus
Flying Flower Fairy by Lindsey “Pookie” Foster
Pokeball Flower
Little Mick

Volume 2

Magnifying Glass
Mischievous Mouse
Border Collie
The White Rabbit
Mad Cow Disease
Flower Blaster
Unicorn Blaster by Matt Falloon

Materials used:

Lots of balloons!

File Details:
Volume 1: Running Time is 2:05 | File Size is 1.1 GB
Volume 2: Running Time is 3:01 | File Size is 1.5 GB

Note: This is a downloadable video, and nothing will be shipped. You can download the full A Clockwork Yellow video from your account at any time and watch/download individual parts from the library.

Christopher Lyle 'Got Yellow?' Promo Picture Christopher Lyle, (aka, The Guy in the Yellow Suit) is a busy professional balloon artist and magician in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Christopher has been creating balloon art since 1990 and is in demand as an entertainer and instructor around the world. His unique style, his business savvy, and his sharp-tongued approach have made him one of the leaders in the balloon industry.