Lagenda, Jr (for Modeling Balloons)

Lagenda, Jr (for Modeling Balloons)

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The Lagenda B231 perfectly sizes non-round balloons as well as smaller round and heart balloons.

I wish I had this when I made my (award-winning) Peacock costume. It's amazing! –Tawney Bubbles

Our favorite features of this machine are:

  • It's very lightweight and portable
  • It easily inflates double-stuffed balloons
  • It accurately sizes 321 and other non-round balloons
  • It can powered by a battery or plugged in
  • It is a well-made metal casing
  • If you connect two machines one will 'control' the other, so you can size two balloons simultaneously!
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    Sold By: Balloon Academy


    F.A.Q about Lagenda Jr Electric Balloon Inflator

    Q: How much is shipping?

    A: Shipping is free in the Continental USA! Shipping to outside of the Continental USA is not (ask for a quote).

    Q: Do you offer a warranty?

    A: There’s a free 1-year warranty if the machine stops working in the normal course of using it (pouring liquid in it or hitting it with a hammer or dropping it out the window is obviously not covered).

    Q: Do you have to set the timer between each balloon?

    A: No. If you leave the timer at 0.0, then holding down the button triggers the inflation. That’s what I do when using it a gig where each balloon has to be a different size.

    Q: How loud is it.

    A: Not annoyingly loud. It’s a deeper pitch than similar products, which I prefer because it doesn’t bother people at gigs.

    Q: What kind of battery does it use?

    A: A lithium-ion battery

    Q: How long does the battery last?

    A: I don’t know. I have used it a few gigs in a row without recharging and it’s been fine. I expect the battery to last at least two or three years and still be awesome. It’s not clear if it can be replaced. — I’m working that out now with the manufacturer.

    Q: How does connecting two machines together work?

    A: If you order two machines you get a free data cable. Connecting them means that hitting the button on 1 machine will trigger both at the same time. The setting can be for identical or different times on each machine.

    Q: Where is it manufactured?

    A: China, of course!

    Additional information

    Weight 5.9 lbs
    Dimensions 8 x 7.5 x 8 in