What is SMASH! exactly?

SMASH! is an intermediate/advanced modular hat design you can use to create a ton of different super heroes. Using a forced perspective concept, it literally turns the wearer of the hat into the character! 

SMASH! is a real showpiece that your audiences will absolutely love. It has quickly turned into a crowd favorite. Seriously! I make these designs a few times a week in restaurants and at parties. Everyone is losing their minds over it; I hope your customers do too. 

Artist: Christopher Lyle



The Hulk (the original design concept)
Captain America
Wreck it Ralph

And a special BONUS DESIGN!

Materials used:

A variety of 260s, 350s, 160s and 5-inch round balloons are used throughout this video.

Running Time: 2:28 | File Size: 985 MB
Note: This is a downloadable video, and nothing will be shipped. You can download the full SMASH! video from your account at any time and watch/download individual parts from the library.

Christopher Lyle 'Got Yellow?' Promo Picture Christopher Lyle, (aka, The Guy in the Yellow Suit) is a busy professional balloon artist and magician in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Christopher has been creating balloon art since 1990 and is in demand as an entertainer and instructor around the world. His unique style, his business savvy, and his sharp-tongued approach have made him one of the leaders in the balloon industry.