Strangest Things Chapter 2 – More of the Different


Strangest Things Chapter 2 – More of the Different”
Welcome Back! to the strange and unusual. The designs featured in this collection can best be classified as weird oddities that nobody will EVER ask you for, but I promise you, they are all reputation makers. Many of these I have kept close to my vest for over well over a decade and I’m now sharing them with the masses for the very first time.

Strangest Things – Chapter 2 offers 29 designs that are cute, weird, odd, funny, punny, and downright STRANGE! “Almost” all of it is practical for line work.

Dare to be different. Provided in this release is an arsenal of amazing designs that will no doubt set you apart from your competition. Designs range from super easy to advanced with everything you can’t even begin to imagine crammed in between.

Not only do I share with you these amazing designs, but I provide you the tools so you can seamlessly integrate them into your performing repertoire. I explain now only HOW they work, but WHY they work. You’re getting a full workshop on artistry, theory, and creativity included at no extra cost just for purchasing.

INCLUDING…Special Guest Appearances by Eric Weinstein, Ray Walsh, Lindsey “Pookie” Smith and of course . . . SCOTT TRIPP!

Artist: Christopher Lyle


The designs included in this bizarre collection are:

Volume 2

  1. Bill
  2. eyePhone 2.0 (with 2 Variations)
  3. Brain Fart
  4. Pikachubacca
  5. Peep
  6. Scott Tripp Submission 1
  7. Double Headed Flamingo Pickaxe
  8. Meowmaid
  9. Joe Blow
  10. Lobsterman Elf
  11. Dollar Bill (featuring Eric Weinstein)
  12. Bagpipe Player
  13. Bong & Lighter
  14. Covid 19 Germ Molecule
  15. Duck Stuck in a Euphonium
  16. Scott Tripp Submission 2
  17. Flux Capacitor
  18. Hammer Time
  19. Kettle Bell
  20. Padlock
  21. Tardis
  22. Titanic
  23. Unicorns SUCK!
  24. Circus Baby
  25. Depresso (featuring Ray Walsh)
  26. The Enderman
  27. Old Lady on a Mobility Scooter
  28. Astro Baby
  29. Holy $h1t
  30. BONUS! Design (featuring Lindsey Smith)
  31. MooLips

Materials used:

Lots of balloons!

Lots of markers!

File Details:
Total Running Time is about 7.5 hours | This video is divided into three files

Note: This is a downloadable video, and nothing will be shipped. You can download the full Strangest Things Chapter 2 video from your account at any time and watch/download individual parts from the library.

Christopher Lyle 'Got Yellow?' Promo Picture Christopher Lyle, (aka, The Guy in the Yellow Suit) is a busy professional balloon artist and magician in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Christopher has been creating balloon art since 1990 and is in demand as an entertainer and instructor around the world. His unique style, his business savvy, and his sharp-tongued approach have made him one of the leaders in the balloon industry.