Toe the Line – A Practical Guide to Performing Line Work


Toe the Line

A Practical Guide to Performing Line Work

by Christopher Lyle

I know what you’re thinking. Why do we need a book on this subject? We already know how to do line work, right?  WRONG!

Released in 2018, this is Christopher Lyle’s 2nd book and was highly regarded as “the most comprehensive literature on this subject ever written.

For years, Christopher hated booking line events because he didn’t like being a balloon machine. Guess what?  He  found a better way.

In this book, he will discuss techniques on the best way to book line events, write contracts, how to work with agents, stepping out of your comfort zone, building a buzz, how to enhance your current performance technique, how to stay visible, stand out, and be remembered…plus so much more.

Christopher also goes over in full detail how he closes his line from start to finish and explains how he gets his clients and agents on board with his procedures as well.

But most importantly, Toe the Line will teach you how to turn Line Work from “Assembly Line Work” into a Show Performance. You’ll learn several great routines that you can perform while you work.

Your lines will move faster, and everyone will feel they were entertained while they waited.

Artist: Christopher Lyle
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