Gary Ledbetter's headshotGary Ledbetter, CBA®, paid his way through college performing magic and creating balloon décor. His company, Dynamite Magic & Balloons of Montgomery, Alabama, is one of the premier providers of balloon decor and magical entertainment in the United States.

Known as the "MacGyver of Balloons", Gary travels the world installing large balloon builds with some of the best in the business. Gary is a fixture at the leading professional conferences, teaching and sharing and problem-solving at Ballooniversity, FLOAT, Balloon Boss Summit, Advanced Learn Balloon Decorating, Twist & Shout, and in whatever country Guido Verhoef is working in at the moment. He has a unique ability to quickly and easily solve the most difficult rigging problems.

When not traveling and teaching, Gary works and plays in Montgomery while performing his magic and mindreading shows for lucky audiences large and small.