Twisticology by Robbie Furman

Twisticology cover artWelcome to the World of Twisticology

Twisticology is the art form of combining the elements of Classic Balloon Décor with basic twisted fundamentals.

When a round balloon is inflated and tied together or separately it usually used for CLASSIC DECOR. When a sculpting (non-round) balloon is inflated and shaped it is usually used for a TWISTED item for someone.  When we combine these two concepts together we have DECO-TWISTING.

Deco-Twisting comes in all sizes. From entrance pieces to room décor, from table centerpieces to gift items.  There is no limit of what you can use deco-twisting for.

Robbie Furman has been Deco-Twisting for over 20 years and along the way he has developed his own series of Deco-Twisted Designs and created a collection called Twisticology!

If you are looking to take your balloons to the next level AND at the SAME time learn the tricks on how to PROFIT from your work, than this series is what you are looking for!

I thank you for taking the time to invest in your own future and WELCOME you to the World of Twisticology!!

– Robbie Furman

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