Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. About The Balloon Academy

The Balloon Academy is a platform to bring together balloon experts who want to teach and students who want to learn.

We are doing live classes, Instant Downloads, DVDs, and private sessions.

Currently live classes are only offered in New York City. We are looking for opportunities to bring to them to more cities – let us know if you are interested in helping!

No. There are many wonderful balloon distributors who are experts in stocking and running a balloon warehouse, and there is no way we would be good at that. We are good at making things out of balloons and teaching others to do the same. If you need balloons or other supplies please call one of our favorite distributors, listed on our Resources page.

 No. There are already a few established forums that we love, such as BalloonHQ and as well as several hundred facebook groups. We are simply about teaching and learning.

There are a number of balloon experts hard at work making high-quality balloon education available through the Balloon Academy, some behind the scenes, and some at the forefront. Some names you may recognize from television and industry conventions, such as Todd Neufeld, John Reid, Randy Adelson, Tawney B, Gary Ledbetter, Buster Balloon, Dan Staples and Melissa Vinson. Others have been quietly working at the highest professional levels avoiding the limelight such as Casey Shamey.

 We do not sell, rent, lend, barter, or share our mailing list or members or anyone’s purchase history with any outside company, group, or person. We do not save or collect or share any financial or health or private details from any users. We hate it when people do that to us, and would never do that to you. You can read the official Balloon Academy privacy policy at

Thanks for asking! You can view our privacy policy, cancellation policy for classes, refund policy for products, Lagenda Guarantee, and more from our policies page.

 It’s a Latin phrase that means turning and/or twisting air into art. It captures what we do, which is using balloons to capture air and turn that into something magical and fun.

F.A.Q. About Downloads

None. We think those are annoying.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) just makes it harder to play your downloads on all of your devices. 

 No. It means that we trust you not to pirate the videos that have taken our instructors a lifetime to master. There is very little profit in balloon instruction/conventions/videos, please don’t make it worse.

 Every instant download you purchase is saved in your account so you can access it anytime from any internet-connected device. That way, you can open them from any of your devices, whenever you need. You need to be logged in so we know where to save them. As a side benefit, if you have a computer catastrophe, your balloon academy instant downloads will not be lost.

 No. It’s not a big deal to set up a login and password and it is much safer than having it linked to a website that we can’t control or trust. We started to do facebook login, but they wanted too much user information and it slowed down the site to a crawl. And then we realized that they were harvesting our user information and behavior, which kinda freaked us out.

 They play perfectly on all of the Macs we have tested them with. Our videos will play on all devices, but some older versions of iTunes might want a slightly different filename. If you are having that problem, change the extension to “.m4v”. So for example, a video named “balloondog.mp4” might have to be renamed to “balloondog.m4v” before being added to iTunes. It’ll still play in quicktime, VLC, Plex, and even the finder. But sometimes old versions of iTunes are quirky.

Major credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Amex) or PayPal.

Videos are in the form of high-quality H.264 files, which are viewable on any modern computer or tablet or smart phone. If you have a old computer you may need to download a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader, but every current phone and tablet and computer can open them natively.

If a purchase is not in your account please let us know immediately. When we migrated updated to a new-and-improved backend we manually migrated everyone’s accounts. There is a good possibility that a few got lost in the transition. If that’s you, we apologize and will add it right-away.