Robbie Furman with his Lootles
Balloon legend Robbie Furman, CBA has been working with balloons for almost 30 years. His original designs and techniques have become the Mainstay of many balloon decorators and artists the world over.

As a small boy, Robbie saw his first twisted balloon at a birthday party and told his mother he wanted to make Balloons when he grew up. His mother quickly replied… "Yes Dear, I’ll remind you…now go play" Well his mother forgot to remind him, but years later working in a used book store Robbie found a copy of Balloon Magic by Marvin Hardy and as they say the rest is history.

With this new love and knowledge of balloons, Robbie started volunteering at various non-profits events and, after several years, had a calling to become a full-time volunteer. He dedicated a year and half of his life to missionary work in San Diego and also served in the Domestic Peace Corps. During that time he used his balloons to put smiles on many people’s faces.

As a result of these experiences, he had a chance to try new things with his balloons and venture into the Deco-twisting world full time. Robbie currently based in the Northern New Jersey area, where his unique style has allowed him to decorate for thousands of events over the years. His balloons have been seen on ABC's All My Children, One Life to Live, Live with Regis and Kelly, Ugly Betty and Good Morning America.

Over the past several years Robbie has been teaching his Deco-Twisting style to thousands of students around the World and has taught on Almost EVERY continent. Robbie’s passion and desire is to share his Balloon knowledge and enthusiasm with those around the world.

In 2012 Robbie was awarded the Golden Light Award in honor of Linda Bruce. And in 2013 Robbie was awarded the David Grist Memorial Award (Gristy) for Inspiration, Innovation, Friendship and Joy.

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