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Buster Balloon’s Blasters


Buster Balloon’s Blasters
Inspired by the classic one balloon ray gun, Buster Balloon has created these modular/customizable Blasters to help you and those around you fend off otherworldly invaders and the mutant horde. They also happen to be incredibly popular and commercial balloons.

Presented in glorious TECHNICOLOR!

Artist: Buster Balloon
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Balloons Required:

Basic Blaster
1 6″ Clear Quicklink
1 5″ Printed Round
2 260s (different colors)
1 160 (optional)
Others for Customizing

Mega Blaster
1 12″ Clear Quicklink
2 5″ Rounds
3 5″ Printed Rounds
1 16″ Geo Donut
1 260
Others For Customizing

Bazooka Blaster
2 646s
1 646 Clear
1 350
3 260s
3 5″ Printed Rounds
Others for Customizing

Running Time: 37 minutes
Skill Level: Adventurous Intermediate/Advanced

Buster Balloon with Dog Buster Balloon is an award-winning balloon artist and children’s entertainer who has taught at balloon, magic, and children’s entertainer conferences all over the world including MAGIC Live!, Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School, and The American Clown Academy. His unique and original balloon designs, routines, and magic effects have also appeared in many industry publications. But his proudest moment is still the time that he ate an entire box of Cap’ N Crunch Cereal by himself in one sitting.