Scott Tripp’s TWENTY


Scott Tripp’s TWENTY
In 2012 Scott released TWELVE, a balloon video that featured 12 balloon designs for $12, released on 12/12/12, limited to 144 copies (12×12). Perhaps it was an exercise in taking a joke too far.

We’ve received messages and requests from people ever since, looking for these designs. So in 2020, Scott decided to take the joke a bit further:

Introducing: TWENTY!

This is a package of 20 balloon instructions for $20, including the original TWELVE designs with eight additional tutorials mixed in.

Artist: Scott Tripp


  1. Baseball Glove
  2. Flamingo
  3. Skull Bracelet
  4. Balloon Scooter
  5. Football Bracelet
  6. Race Car
  7. Medieval Mace
  8. Coffee Cup
  9. Video Game Controller
  10. Hi-5 Hat
  11. Bumble Bee Bracelet
  12. Airplane
  13. Pinyata
  14. Army Tank
  15. Xylophone
  16. Fishing Pole
  17. Magic Pineapple
  18. Skateboard
  19. Tandem Bicycle
  20. Dragon

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Total Running Time is over 4-hrs | File Size: 3 Video files, totaling 3.3 GB

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Scott Tripp holding a chickenScott Tripp has spent the last two decades immersed in the art and culture of balloon sculpting. He has studied balloons inside and out, and pioneered several new techniques and designs used by the balloon industry. In 2014 he was awarded the Ralph Dewey Award for Excellence as a trailblazer in our industry. Scott has launched an independent balloon artist magazine, produced a regular YouTube program for balloon professionals, and literally helped write the history of balloon art.