John Reid

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With over 20 years experience John is the President of the entertainment company Magic, Balloons and More Inc; the Owner/Operator of Epic Balloons and The Tricky Biz Magic Shop in East Meadow, NY. In that time, he has managed to become an internationally recognized, award-winning balloon artist. His original and highly detailed sculptures are sought by everyone from large corporations to celebrities, including Disney, the Martha Stewart Show, and The White House.

One of the things John is best known for, are his balloon dresses – he has made over 100 dresses and counting, used in fashion shows, for rockstars, and even a wedding dress.

In April 2014 he set the World’s Record for the Largest Balloon Sculpture built by a single person. Using 4,302 balloons, he created Poptimus Prime, a 55 foot tall robot modeled after the Transformer Optimus Prime.

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