Scott Tripp’s “Untitled” Balloon Cup Project


Scott Tripp’s Untitled Balloon Cup Project

Sometimes you have an idea for a balloon sculpture that you think is going to be amazing, but when you actually get your hands on the balloons and twist them together, it looks nowhere near as cool as the vision you had in your head.  It happens to all of us.

But occationally, the opposite happens.  You have a vision for some little balloon idea thing, and you expect it to just be a silly sculpture that you might tinker with once or twice. But when you finish- eEverything clicks, all of the little pieces line up just right, and each element complements the others perfectly making the sculpture better than the sum of its parts, and somehow much more amazing than any of your wildest expectations.

The sculptures in this video have all hatched from that magical place.

We begin by taking one small item as a starting point. A product that is cheap, readily available, and compact enough to invisibly fit into your balloon kit.  Using that base, we simply adjust, bend, and convert some designs you already know and love, and suddenly they level up to a whole new realm of cuteness and fun!  

After a few examples, you’ll find your own creativity triggered, and new ideas and ways of implementing these components in your balloon sculptures will start to flow.  A new angle and fresh eyes always does wonders for your output, and you’ll be twisting up your own new sculptures by the end!

This video is presented as an introduction to a new concept rather than a complete overview, so some ideas are left unexplored and many variations are still left to be discovered.  Be sure to experiment and see what new treasures you can uncover!

Products required: Balloons, Little plastic/paper cups.  Optional: Paper straws.

Artist: Scott Tripp


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(there is also a 15-minute bonus video!)

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Scott Tripp holding a chickenScott Tripp has spent the last two decades immersed in the art and culture of balloon sculpting. He has studied balloons inside and out, and pioneered several new techniques and designs used by the balloon industry. In 2014 he was awarded the Ralph Dewey Award for Excellence as a trailblazer in our industry. Scott has launched an independent balloon artist magazine, produced a regular YouTube program for balloon professionals, and literally helped write the history of balloon art.