PhotoSCULPT Easter art

Easter PhotoSCULPT


Everyone will want their photo taken in this adorable balloon easter basket. This PhotoSCULPT is an advanced variation of Melissa's PhotoFRAME sculptures, with details and customization for Easter parties. While this basket stands alone as balloon decor, it really shines as an interactive photo opportunity for selfies, family pics, and fun party moments. You can accent it with balloon props, company branding, or just leave it as it.

Melissa takes you step-by-step through the construction of the frame and the balloons needed to make the basket. While the basket does require basic balloon twisting skills and a little patience to size the bubbles correctly, the end result is a very clean and impressive deco-twisted interactive photo op.

A Melissa Vinson's PhotoSCULPT is a balloon sculpture that is made into a photo op frame. These are a high end designs that usually do not require props because of their detailed nature. PhotoSCULPTs are great for larger corporate events or clients with a bigger budget. Are you upselling PhotoSCULPTs yet?

Artist: Melissa Vinson
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Materials needed:

  • 260 Mocha/Caramel or your color of your choice
  • 350/360 Yellow or color of your choice
  • 260 Yellow or color of your choice
  • 100 260 Green/Lime or greens of your choice
  • Assorted 11” Agates
  • Framing supplies


This product is an ebook, not a printed product (although you are welcome to print it)

Melissa Vinson Melissa Vinson's stylish and elegant event designs have made her a popular and successful balloon instructor worldwide.  When not teaching, she runs MelRhea Balloons in Western Kentucky, decorating large events such as proms and galas and creating custom deliveries and tabletop decor.  Her use of mixed media with balloon techniques has drawn critical acclaim from both industry icons and day to day decorators alike.  Her multiple awards include winning “Designer of the Year” at both Summer Balloon Camp (August 2008) and FLOAT the convention (November 2008).