photoFRAME Cover


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The Balloon PhotoFRAME, or “Balloon Selfie Station” is an interactive balloon decoration that is popular and appropriate for most social events. It can very simple or elaborate; generic or themed; large or small; and can be accessorized with virtually any party prop.

Melissa's easy-to-follow directions will teach you to build a stable frame with inexpensive materials that you can easily transport and use to showcase your balloons. In no time, you will have a new addition to your balloon repertoire that will delight your clients and build your business.

Artist: Melissa Vinson
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Melissa Vinson Melissa Vinson's stylish and elegant event designs have made her a popular and successful balloon instructor worldwide.  When not teaching, she runs MelRhea Balloons in Western Kentucky, decorating large events such as proms and galas and creating custom deliveries and tabletop decor.  Her use of mixed media with balloon techniques has drawn critical acclaim from both industry icons and day to day decorators alike.  Her multiple awards include winning “Designer of the Year” at both Summer Balloon Camp (August 2008) and FLOAT the convention (November 2008).