Easy Balloon Animals by Todd Neufeld

Easy Balloon Animals

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These 4 easy balloon animals are all made with the same twists, but performed differently. They are the next thing you should learn after mastering the Classic Balloon Dog. Todd demonstrates each twist slowly and deliberately, with step-by-step instructions shown as both an overview and close-up.

Learn these Easy Balloon Animals, and you will have an arsenal of sculptures you can use at any time.

Artist: Todd Neufeld



Balloon Giraffe
Balloon Mouse
Balloon Bunny
Balloon Dachshund

Running Time: 9:10


1-260 balloon per sculpture (any color)


Fold Twist
Lock Twist
Shaping a balloon

Todd_HeadshotTodd Neufeld entertains at private and corporate events in New York City and beyond.  He has appeared on numerous television shows such as; Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Late Night with David Letterman, The Today Show, Nightline and many more. He has performed at the White House, for MTV, ESPN, CBS, TNT, and many other acronyms.  He stays busy twisting balloons with the artists at The Twisted Balloon Company, helping entertainers via ManagerSal.com, and teaching the world balloon art at the Balloon Academy.

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