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Home for the Holidays


Looking for some quick and easy designs for December?  Look no further than Home for the Holidays!  Rob was getting too warm in Los Angeles, so he decided to go home to Connecticut for the holidays and share some of his go-to designs for when the snow starts to fall.  (Or not fall, depending on where you live).

Artist: Rob the Balloon Guy
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For me, the holidays are a very busy time of year, with many different types of events. I do all kinds of events, ranging from large company parties where I need to be working fast, to smaller events where I have more time to get fancy, and everywhere in between.

Here are some of my go to holiday creations. There are twelve different sculptures, some that can be made in under a minute, but some of them have multiple variations for when you have more time and a line that’s not three times the length as Santa’s. These have been tested and refined over many seasons of work, and people do love them. While most of them are on the simpler side, they’re still crowd pleasers.

A lot of these are common requests, and you already might have a version of a particular request that you like making, but hopefully this will inspire you and give you some other ideas and techniques you can work into your existing sculptures. You’ll need 160s, 260s, 350s, 5″ rounds, 6″ hearts, 6″ Quick Links, 321s, 9″ rounds, and 11″ imprints. You’ll also need some other accessories, including headbands, balloon straws, and jingle bells. Hope you enjoy these sculptures and have a busy and profitable December!

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Sculptures in this tutorial include:
Candy Cane
Holiday Wands
Snow Globe
Snowflake Backpack
Gingerbread Man
Christmas Tree
Santa Hat

 These designs are PERFECT for the holiday season!

“EVERYTHING on it is super practical and usable for Holiday Line Work. BOOM!  My favorite design on this is the Santa Hat. Looks way different than what most of us do, and much faster. I plan to incorporate many of these into my gigs beginning tomorrow morning.” – Christopher Lyle, Dallas, TX

Running time 1 hour 40 minutes

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Bad jokes + Awkward dancing + Amazing balloons = Rob Balchunas, aka, Rob the Balloon Guy (That’s just my name; don’t actually rob me). You might have seen Rob on Disney Channel’s KC Undercover, American Horror Story: Freak Show, TLC’s The Unpoppables, Steve Harvey, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, and on the front page of Reddit. His multiple awards include winning “Top Twister” at Twist & Shout Convention and “Designer of the Year” at FLOAT.