Thanos Balloon Infinity Gauntlet

Dan’s Infinity Gauntlet


Forged from twisted latex and air in the heart of a dying star, this sculpture is sure to grab everyone’s attention in a snap.

Dan’s Infinity Gauntlet looks complicated, but he teaches a pattern where it comes together quickly and easily. This gauntlet is ideal as a delivery, an add-on or even a centerpiece. Dan makes it at private events and in restaurants, basically all the time.

“Dan’s Infinity Gauntlet is nothing short of AMAZING! Great techniques, practical, and worth way more money than he’s selling it for.” – Christopher Lyle, Dallas, TX

““This is a surprisingly practical design considering how impressive it is. It comes together way faster than I would have expected, and it’s a huge crowd pleaser. Plus, I love the format this tutorial is presented in. Bonus, Dan is adorable, and I wanna pinch his cheeks!” – Tawney Bubbles, Las Vegas, NV

“Finally, a balloon that dads will steal from their kids! I think the tips are worth the tears.” – Scott Tripp, Nashville, TN

“This tutorial is well worth it. It’s well made, very well taught and yes, even comical.” – David Marcus, Chicago, IL

“Does it use link-a-loons? Then no, I won’t watch it.” – Guido Verhoef, Zutphen, The Netherlands

Artist: Dan Staples


Running Time: 29:29


10 260 balloons (preferably gold chrome)
6 5-inch round (one in each color of the gems: lime green, lilac, red, yellow, orange, and royal blue)

Techniques used:

Pinch Twist
Double Pinch Twist
Fold Twist
Basic weaving
Snap off

Dan Staples Dan Staples, of Dan's Balloons in New Hampshire, is one today's most in-demand balloon artists. He makes numerous appearances at private and public events throughout New England, usually with his signature larger-than-life sculptures of celebrities and athletes.