Rainbow Woven Jester Hat by Todd Neufeld

Rainbow Woven Jester Hat


Todd's Rainbow Woven Jester Hat is his go-to sculpture at most events. It comes together quickly, and it always playful and fun.  It's a balloon that appeals to kids and adults, and naturally lends itself to a variety of performing situations.  Learn the details, nuances, and variations of this popular balloon hat today.

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Artist: Todd Neufeld


Materials needed:

1 Red 260 balloon
1 Orange 260 balloon
1 Yellow 260 balloon
1 Green 260 balloon
1 Blue 260 balloon
1 Violet 260 balloon


0:00 Basic construction
7:00  Extreme close-up tutorial
11:12  Variation #1:  Fancy bottom bubbles
15:25  Variation #2:  Flower bouquet hat/centerpiece
Running time 16:21

Todd_HeadshotTodd Neufeld entertains at private and corporate events in New York City and beyond.  He has appeared on numerous television shows such as; Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Late Night with David Letterman, The Today Show, Nightline and many more. He has performed at the White House, for MTV, ESPN, CBS, TNT, and many other acronyms.  He stays busy twisting balloons with the artists at The Twisted Balloon Company, helping entertainers via ManagerSal.com, and teaching the world balloon art at the Balloon Academy.