Sleightly Delusional – A 21st Century Guide to Restaurant Entertainment by Christopher Lyle


Over the years, many texts have been written on the subject of restaurant entertainment and whereas the information was excellent 30 years ago, much of it is outdated for current market trends.

Sleightly Delusional was released in 2014 by The Guy in the Yellow Suit, Christopher Lyle.  This book is not just for magicians or balloon artists, but for anyone who has ever performed (or wanted to perform) in a restaurant setting…and be paid to do so! “Sleightly Delusional” is jam packed with 29 Chapters full of awesomeness.

You will learn:

– How to walk into any restaurant you want and walk out with a PAYING GIG (not just working for tips alone)!

– Setting yourself up for success in the restaurant environment to ensure your longevity.

– Creating a brand to make yourself more visible to your customers to guarantee they remember YOU!

– Hard hitting Magic Routines that Christopher has been using in the trenches for  years, complete with written and video performances and explanations.

– Christopher’s methods on how to create Balloon Artistry in the restaurant environment. How to create those “large show pieces” that most say are “impossible” to make in this setting. He shows you HOW it works and explains WHY it works.

– …and much more!

Artist: Christopher Lyle
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