Lagenda B322 Top View

Lagenda Electric Balloon Inflator


“The Lagenda is rapidly becoming the most popular electric inflator among balloon professionals. It performs great on my big jobs” – Guido Verhoef, Manifold Balloons

NOTE: We are currently selling the latest Lagenda, version 5, which has a random setting designed to simplify organic balloon sculptures. The graphics on this page have not been updated, but you will receive the newest model.

The Lagenda B322 is a professional machine that inflates and sizes for two balloons simultaneously. It has rapidly become the balloon inflator of choice for many of the top balloon artists in the world. It is designed to inflate 11-inch and 12-inch round and linking balloons as well as 646/660 non-round balloons. It can also inflate modeling balloons and 5/6-inch balloons quickly and easily (although the sizing is not as precise as it's sibling, the B231)

Some of our favorite features of the Lagenda B322 are:

  • It can inflate two balloons to different sizes
  • The 5 programmable buttons remember your sizes from gig to gig
  • It can be triggered by either a foot switch or a simple button
  • You can inflate balloons “freeform” without the timer by holding down the button or foot switch
  • It has an always-on fan that keeps the machine from overheating when inflating hundreds and hundreds of balloons one after the other
  • It's fast!
  • The counter keeps track of what you inflate and the count can be adjusted if a balloon pops
  • It is a solidly-built metal machine
  • It comes with a snazzy case
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    Artist: Balloon Academy


    F.A.Q about Lagenda Electric Balloon Inflator

    Q: How much is shipping?

    A: Shipping is free in the Continental USA! Shipping to outside of the Continental USA is not (ask for a quote).

    Q: Do you offer a warranty?

    A: We guarantee our inflators. If your machine is defective, just return it within a week of your order and we will immediately replace it with a new one. There is an optional 1-year warranty if the machine stops working in the normal course of using it (pouring liquid in it or hitting it with a hammer or dropping it from a table is obviously not covered). To redeem it, send the machine back and we will repair or replace it for you with a 100% working machine. The details of the Lagenda guarantee/warranty are available here >>.

    Q: Can you really inflate two balloons to different sizes?

    A: Yes. The two nozzles can either be timed the same or different.

    Q: What is the power cord like?

    A: It comes with a standard 5-foot power cord. If you want a different length you can order from any electronics store. I bought a 10-ft on for around $5. Power cords longer than 10 or 12 feet are NOT recommended.

    Q: Does it use the same power cord as the Lagenda Jr machine?

    A: Yes! I keep a cord plugged in at my studio and use it for both machines.

    Q: Does it also run on a battery?

    A: No. It must be plugged in.

    Q: Where is it manufactured?

    A: China, of course!

    Q: How does it compare to other machines on the market?

    A: I happen to think it’s the best one. Guido Verhoef did a very detailed video comparison in Feb 2016. It is worth watching before you invest in one: If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, the conclusion is that he loves it.

    Additional information

    Weight 16.5 lbs
    Dimensions 14 × 11 × 10 in