Learn John Reid's “Spiderman” from the “Commercial Cartoons” series.

This is a hugely popular balloon that can made quickly in all performing situations. John takes his time teaching every twist and detail so you have immediate success with with this fun and creative cartoon character!

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Artist: John Reid


Materials needed:

1 Red 260 balloon
1 Dark Blue 260 balloon
1 Orange 260 balloon
1 5-inch Red Round Spiderman imprint

1 Black Sharpie or similar marker

Running time 8:23


John_headshot John Reid is the President of Magic, Balloons and More Inc and the Owner/Operator of Epic Balloons. Over the last 20 years of performing with magic and balloons, he has managed to become an internationally recognized, award-winning, record-holding, globe-trotting balloon artist.

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