TBA features designs from the twisted minds of Tawney Bubbles, Mason Deming, Christopher Lyle, Scott Tripp, Rob Balchunas, Matt Falloon, John Justice, Lindsey “Pookie” Foster, Archie Cobblepot, and Sam Cremeens. You get ten Amazing Designs from ten different artists on one collection.

Total Running Time 2:17

Sold By: Rob the Balloon Guy


Matt Falloon’s Worm

Matt Falloon presents, an adorable exploration of technique.
A design as impressive to watch construct as it is to present.
A triumph of “out of the box” thinking….
A balloon worm.

Running Time 9:41

Christopher Lyle’s Big Mouth Hat

The Big Mouth Hat is one of my favorite creations. It’s super visual, funny, and fast enough for use in line work. Two different versions are taught on this tutorial.

Running Time 20:43

Sam Cremeens’ Li’l Jumbo Jet

This cute little jetliner is real world tested and perfect for your repertoire! Quick and easy with NO KNUCKLEBUSTING TECHNIQUES! Add it to a headband or a candy cup!

Running Time 13:52

Tawney Bubbles’ Martini

Hard day at work? Need to wind down with a classic cocktail? Happy hour starts now! Tawney’s Martini is the balloon to take the edge off. Must be of legal drinking age to consume this balloon.

Running Time 7:16

John Justice’s SpongeBob

This absorbent fellow has stood the test of time. This design is a fast modular design meant to impress and can be used as a decor piece. With a free drawing lesson included…. This design is sure to impress.

Running Time 17:50

Scott Tripp’s Elvis In My Pocket™

In this fast-paced modern world, it’s easy to forget the simple things, the little joys that make life worth living. Reconnect with your inner child, rekindle that wide-eyed wonder within, and adopt your very own Elvis In My Pocket™.
Elvis In My Pocket™ is easy to assemble, fits in most standard-sized shirt pockets, and comes with very simple care instructions. Simply feed your Elvis In My Pocket tiny table scraps when convenient, and at night, carefully tuck him deep into your pocket so he can sleep soundly.
King-sized fun in a Fun-sized package.

Running Time 6:59

Archie Cobblepot's Frog

Archie Cobblepot’s Frog

It’s quick.
It’s li’l.
It’s cute.
It’s a frog.

Running Time 21:13

Rob Balchunas’ Character Face

This cool character face can be used to create many different characters and people. The basic construction uses 5-inch rounds and 6-inch links, and can be used in a number of different ways, such as putting it on a body or attaching it to a headband.

Running Time 10:18

Lindsey Foster's Lion

Lindsey “Pookie” Foster’s Lion

Lindsey’s cute little lion is a party favorite that you’ll use again and again! Fun and easy instruction…all you need is some 260’s for this kitty! And with just a couple of minor changes you can use this design as a tiger or your favorite “go to” kitty cat! Meow!!!

Running Time 14:48

Mason Deming’s Bee

What’s all the buzz about? Bees!  With just a few balloons, you’ll bee able to quickly add this to your everyday repertoire. Add it to a flower arrangement to make it even more bee-autiful! Or bee weird, make a few angry versions to tie on your bike seat, then ride through town screaming about your allergies.  Bring home a baby bumble bee, won’t your mommy be so proud of … ye?

Running Time 14:20