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Dan’s Transformaloons


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Learn Dan Staples’s “Transformaloons”.

Transformaloons is your answer to the question, “How am I going to impress these too-cool-for-balloons kids/hipsters/whatever folks?”

Transform your old sculptures into something that’s more than meets the eye. Transformaloons features 4 of the most popular characters from the hit franchise that has stood the test of time. You’ll learn a transforming 18-wheeler, Military Jet, Yellow Car, and Tank. Using nothing but 160’s, 260’s, 350/360’s and 5″ rounds (depending on the design) these designs are great for birthday deliveries or a slow night at the restaurant. Transform your wallet from empty to full with Transformaloons.

Artist: Dan Staples


Transformaloons are amazing for a fun birthday surprise or special delivery. These sculptures transform from robot to vehicle and back.  With practice, you can easily make these in a restaurant setting.  No special techniques or tools are required. ***Although they transform easily for a balloon artist, a small child may not be able to adjust the twists accordingly.***

People Love Dan’s Transformaloons

“I can’t believe this is a thing.  After seeing how easy Transformaloons come together, I lost control of all bodily functions.” – Archie Cobblepot, New Jersey

“THIS IS AWESOME!!!” – A ton of people in Balloon Twister Central

“Dan traded his soul for these skills and it’s worth it.” – Smarty Pants, Chicago IL

Contents & Materials needed:

2 Red 260
1 Blue 260
1 Blue 360/350
2 Chrome Silver or Gray 260
6 5″ Black Rounds

Yellow Car:
3 Yellow 260
2 Black 260
1 Yellow 360/350
1 Yellow 160

Evil Tank:
3 Gray 360/350
2 Black 360/350
2 Gray 260
1 Black 321 OR 1 Black 360/350

Evil Jet:
2 Gray 360/350
2 Black 360/350
1 Chrome Silver or Clear 260
2 Gray 260
1 Gray or Black 160

Running time 70 minutes

Note, this is an Instant Download, which you can stream or download from your library at any time. Nothing will be shipped to you.

Dan Staples Dan Staples, of Dan's Balloons in New Hampshire, is one today's most in-demand balloon artists. He makes numerous appearances at private and public events throughout New England, usually with his signature larger-than-life sculptures of celebrities and athletes.